Java Media FAQ

SMM Reseller Panel.


Here is a question often asked by our customers.

How do I make an order?
To place an order you must have a sufficient balance. Sign in to the Order page, select a category, select a service, enter the target, enter the amount of the order, click Order. It will appear in the form of a successful outcome process orders / orders fail. If the order is successfully completed please wait until the ordered items.
How do Deposits / Contents Balance?
To make a deposit please go to the Deposit page, select the payment method, enter the amount of the deposit, it will display the amount of the balance to be received, click the Ticket Process. Then will come the process results in the form of a deposit request code and destination number of payments. Save the code request and make a payment, if the payment has been made, send proof of payment and request code in the Admin.                                                                                 
What if the order status Canceled / Partial?
if you happen Canceled order status / Partial system will automatically restore your balance, according to the number specified.                                                                                 
What if orderan stuck / no status?
Please wait for 2x24 hours, orders stuck possibly due to a server that was pending. Please be patient and if more than 2x24 hours of orders remains stuck, contact the Admin.